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Georgia Institute of Technology

Job Description


Career Services Coordinator


Provide administrative support to the career services organization through facilitating and scheduling visits from corporate recruiters to conduct job interviews with Georgia Tech students. Maintain related records.


This position will interact on a consistent basis with: students and corporate representatives and unit staff. This position typically will advise and counsel: students. This position will supervise: NA.


Duties may include but are not limited to:
  • Schedule and coordinate recruiting interviews.
  • Provide support in implementing policies and procedures designed to accommodate smooth recruiter and student interactions.
  • Monitor and maintain interview schedules. Notify students and recruiters when exceptions arise.
  • Troubleshoot and provide appropriate resolutions to problems relating to scheduling.
  • Develop and compile recruiting data; responsible for generating data for semester and annual reports.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.


Degrees required for this job: Technical Diploma, Associate's degree or two years college course work
Degrees preferred: Bachelor's Degree
Years of experience required for this job: Two to four years job related experience
Years preferred:
Certifications or licenses required for this job:
Certifications or licenses preferred:


Specialized skills required for this job:
This job requires working knowledge and skills in office administration, especially as it relates to schedule coordination and maintenance. Skills in communications and use of office related computer applications are required.

Specialized skills preferred:


Very heavy volumes during peak times, high pressure and time line sensitive for processing information quickly. Fast paced and demanding during recruiting and recruiting preparation.